For nearly 30 years, SĀFTRON has been providing maintenance-free railing products to clients the world over.  As the originator in the use of structural thermoplastics for safety oriented applications, SĀFTRON's experience and expertise in this field is unsurpassed.   We continually strive to improve and add to our offerings and are very proud of our track record and the quality of our American Made products.

In addition to our line-up of standard railing products, our dedicated team of designers and fabricators can produce a wide range of custom solutions tailored to each client's individual needs.   If you can't find what you are looking for or have questions regarding our products, please feel free to ask us.  We are more than happy to assist.

Safety Railing

Saftron Saftey Railings

Standard and custom fabricated
solutions for code compliant

Pool and Spa

Saftron Pool and Spa Rails

Standard and custom fabricated
solutions for the pool and spa

Custom Products

Saftron Custom Rail Fabrication

Tailored solutions for OEM