Pool Railing Frequently Asked Questions

Will salt water affect my railing?

SĀFTRON polymer rails are the best choice for use with salt chlorinators and salt environments. SĀFTRON rails are unaffected by long-term salt exposure.

Will the sun affect my railing?

SĀFTRON polymer rails are made with specially formulated compounds that include UV inhibitors designed to resist ultra-violent light. SĀFTRON rails have been installed in some of the harshest environments when come to the sun for over 25 years and counting.

Will my railing get hot in the sun?

SĀFTRON thermoplastic rails stay cool to the touch, even on the hottest days.

Does my railing need to be grounded/bonded?

SĀFTRON polymer rails are non-conductive. When used with SĀFTRON anchor sockets and bases, or installed directly into the deck, no grounding/bonding is required. SĀFTRON has been tested to be non-conductive by STR Laboratories. The current NEC code shows that SĀFTRON pool rails do not need to be grounded or bonded as the rails are sealed at the time of manufacturing. We have also received a letter form NFPA (NEC Codes) stating that they feel SĀFTRON pool rails are not required to be grounded or bonded.

Will it rust or corrode?

SĀFTRON thermoplastic rails do not rust or corrode.

Will pool chemicals affect my railing?

SĀFTRON polymer rails are impervious to pool chemicals.

Are SĀFTRON rails strong enough?

SĀFTRON high impact reinforced polymer railing is created with specially formulated compounds using NSF approved materials to ensure superior strength and durability. Our rails and ladders are created with a polymer exterior, and contain a reinforced aluminum or steel interior, for added rigidity.

Does it meet code?

Our commercial line has been designed and engineered to meet and exceed local codes in all states for public and commercial pools.

Can my railing be scratched, dented, or chipped?

SĀFTRON high impact polymer railing is designed to be long lasting and durable. SĀFTRON rails will not chip, flake, peel, or dent under normal use. If SĀFTRON rails become scratched over time from normal wear, the railing can be cleaned with a light abrasive such as original Soft Scrub®. Don't place railings on bare ground, and keep railings in box until ready to install.

How do I clean my railing?

SĀFTRON products are cleaned before they leave the factory but may experience light scuffing during transportation or installation. Use only low-abrasion cleaners such as Original White SOFT SCRUB® or VIM®. Apply with a clean, soft cloth, then buff until clean. Excessive residue can be removed with water.

How are SĀFTRON rails mounted?

SĀFTRON polymer pool rails and ladders can be mounted into the pool deck surface, anchor sockets, or by using surface mounted polymer bases. SĀFTRON anchor sockets and mounting bases are a 1.93 ID. SĀFTRON spa rails can be installed using the methods described or by using a lift and turn mounting base.

My deck is already poured. Can I still install a rail or ladder?

Yes. SĀFTRON rails have several mounting options. They can be installed directly into the deck or installed into pool anchor sockets. If you do not want to cut into the deck we also offer above ground mounting bases.

Can a ladder or rail be installed on a wood deck?

Yes. SĀFTRON above ground mounting bases are recommended for installations on wooden surfaces.

What kind of commercial installations use SĀFTRON rails?

SĀFTRON rails are ideal for environments that include salt chlorinators, intense sun, high levels of pool chemicals, and high traffic areas. Our rails are installed at many resorts, hotels, aquatic centers, and public parks. Please see our pool gallery for sample installations.

How can I get a price or place an order?

We sell our products through distribution, dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Our "Where to Buy" dealer locator can assist you in locating a dealer online or in your area.

What if I need something custom made?

SĀFTRON offers custom rails and ladders. Submit your design or CAD drawing with dimensions to your local distributor or dealer and they can contact us to get a quote on your custom rail, and then order it for you.

Can I get shop drawings?

Yes. SĀFTRON has a dedicated team of engineers and designers who will assist with CAD drawings. CAD drawings are supplied once SĀFTRON has received an order for your rail.

What colors is the railing available in?

SĀFTRON standard railing colors are white, taupe, gray, beige, and black. Pricing for custom colors are dependent on quantity and the specific color required.

Where can I see color samples?

Your local dealer or distributor may have physical color samples available for you to view in their showroom, or can request a sample for you. Our website has colors samples available, although the colors shown on screen may not be an exact match to the actual railing.

Does SĀFTRON offer a warranty?

SĀFTRON products have one of the best warranties for pool and spa rails in the industry and are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship or materials under normal use for a period of 5 years.

What is the maximum weight on ladders and ladder steps?

The maximum weight load limit on ladders and steps should not exceed 275 lbs. (125 Kilograms).

Can I replace just one ladder step?

Yes, you can replace one at a time but it is recommended to replace all steps if the original brand is not SĀFTRON. Each brand may vary slightly in shape and color.

I use my pool for exercising.

SĀFTRON offers several sizes of exercise bars. These bars come in either 2 or 3 post and can be mounted to the inside wall of the pool for support. Exercise bars can be used to assist little swimmers build confidence, a hand support for exercise, or support to attach exercise equipment to.

What is a lift and turn base?

A lift and turn base is used in above ground spa rail installations. The 6" base in mounted directly to the floor or spa steps. The railing swivels 360 degrees for easy access and exit.

What literature is available?

Brochures, CAD drawings, warranty information, installation instructions, and test data are all available for download from the SĀFTRON website. Printed Brochures may be available from your local distributor.

What other products does SĀFTRON offer?

All SĀFTRON products are made from high impact polymer. SĀFTRON offers pool rails, spa rails, exercise bars, and ladders. Color coordinating safety railing and pool fencing is available. SĀFTRON manufactures a complete line of matching accessories such as towel racks, grab bars, railing snap-on-trays, and volleyball posts. Hardware and replacement parts are also available.


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