Safety Railing Frequently Asked Questions

Will salt water affect my railing?

SĀFTRON polymer rails are the best choice for use in salt water environments. SĀFTRON rails are unaffected by long-term sun and salt exposure.

Will the sun affect my railing?

SĀFTRON polymer rails are made with specially formulated compounds that include UV inhibitors designed to resist ultra-violent light. SĀFTRON rails have been installed in some of the harshest environments when come to the sun for over 25 years and counting.

Will it rust or corrode?

SĀFTRON thermoplastic rails do not rust or corrode.

Is it affected by chemicals?

SĀFTRON safety rails are resistant to most chemicals that may affect the railing. The chemicals that could harm the railing will usually not come in contact with the rail. SĀFTRON railings have been in use for over 25 years in water treatment plants, paper mills, and other harsh environments.

Is it strong enough?

SĀFTRON high impact, reinforced polymer railings are created with specially formulated compounds, designed and engineered, to meet or exceed all applicable building codes. Our rails are created with a polymer exterior, and contain reinforced aluminum or steel internally, to provide superior strength and durability.

Does it meet code?

SĀFTRON has been independently tested and certified to meet or exceed the BOCA Codes, Standard (Southern) Building Code, OSHA codes and Park Ride Codes. SĀFTRON continually test its rails to insure that we meet updated codes.

Will it burn? Does it give off toxic fumes if burned?

SĀFTRON has a class A1 fire and smoke rating backed up by testing from PSI Laboratories. The railing will self-extinguish itself when the flame is removed.

How is it mounted?

SĀFTRON railings are mounted the same way as other railing. The railing can be core mounted, plate mounted, side mounted and other mounting options. If you have a unique mounting issue, call customer service, and they will be able to advise you how the railing can be mounted to fit your specifications.

Where is it best used?

SĀFTRON recommended installations include hotel balconies, condominiums and apartment buildings, waterfronts, stairs, theme-parks, aquatic centers, industrial operations, resorts, and anywhere railing is needed.

Can my railing be scratched, dented, or chipped?

SĀFTRON high impact polymer railings are designed to be long-lasting and durable. SĀFTRON rails will not chip, flake, peel, or dent under normal use. If SĀFTRON rails become scratched over time from rings, shoes, and normal wear, the railing can be cleaned with a light abrasive such as original Soft Scrub®. Don’t place railings on bare ground and keep railings in box until ready to install.

How do I clean my railing?

SĀFTRON products are cleaned before they leave the factory but may experience light scuffing during transportation or installation. Use only low-abrasion cleaners such as Original White SOFT SCRUB® or VIM®. Apply with a clean, soft cloth, then buff until clean. Excessive residue can be removed with water.

How can I get a price?

SĀFTRON can provide a quote based on drawings submitted to our sales department. If no CAD drawling is available, please provide us with style, color, method of mounting, and dimensions, so we can create a quote for your project requirements.

Can I get shop drawings?

Yes. SĀFTRON is staffed with a dedicated team of engineers and designers who can create CAD drawings to meet your requirements. SĀFTRON can provide cut sheets on the railing, and full shop drawings, once the project has commenced.

What literature is available?

Brochures, CAD drawings, warranty information, installation instructions, and test data are all available for download from the SĀFTRON website. Printed brochures may be available from your local distributor.

What colors is the railing available in?

SĀFTRON standard railing colors for assembled and knock-down sections are white, taupe, gray, beige, yellow, and black. Pricing for custom colors are dependent on quantity and the specific color required. ModuRail is stocked in white and selected components are stocked in yellow. Taupe, gray, beige, black, and additional yellow components are available with a minimum quantity order.

Can you bend the railing?

Yes. SĀFTRON is the innovator of thermal-structural, vinyl, plastic safety railing for over 25 years. We have been able to accomplish the most difficult bends, turns, and curves to meet architects and project specifications.

Does SĀFTRON offer a warranty?

SĀFTRON products have one of the best warranties for safety rails in the industry and are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship or materials under normal use for a period of 10 years.

What if I need something custom made?

Most railings projects would be considered custom as they usually do not have the same dimensions. We can customize most any project.

Where can I see color samples?

You can contact your sales rep or SĀFTRON customer service department for rail sample colors. Our website has color samples available, although the colors shown on screen may not be an exact match to the actual railing.

What other products does SĀFTRON offer?

All SĀFTRON products are made from high impact polymer. SĀFTRON offers pool rails, spa rails, exercise bars, and ladders for the pool industry. Color coordinating safety railing and pool fencing is available. SĀFTRON manufactures a complete line of matching accessories such as towel racks, grab bars, railing snap-on-trays, and volleyball posts.


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